Do not sell your soul, just to make a buck!

We may not always have a job, but we always have a purpose, and our real job is to fulfill that purpose for which we were born.  If we understand what our purpose is, then we'll always have a job!  

​It's my hope that the information on this website will encourage you to develop your creative potential, such that it serves you with a satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle while at the same time, it serves the needs of the world and the society that you live in.

As creative people, our own life and all of its experiences gives us the raw material we need to make our creative statements.  We find creative ways to express our thoughts and feelings, and by using our skills, we develop our talents into marketable forms that can be shared with others. 

With imagination, talent and a willingness to serve others, there is no limit to what you can give and no limit to what you an receive in return.

There's no need to sell your soul.   Rather, earning a living with your talent should be a spiritually fulfilling experience. It involves continued self discovery through the development and use of your talents in ways that serve others.

Using your talents as a way to earn a living should be an emotionally fulfilling and spiritually rewarding experience.

Jim Gardner       Author         Public Speaking


Are you a creative person

with a desire to earn a living

by using your talents 

without selling your soul?